Lease Review

Our Lease Review program presents an opportunity for students to have potential leases reviewed by advocates within our office. This program is designed to empower students to challenge unfavorable provisions in the lease before these provisions become binding. The Office of the Tenant Advocate, the formal DC organization that advocates for tenant rights, has agreed to partner with us in this effort and will occasionally provide lawyers to review leases.

Disclaimer: Student Advocates in the office do not have legal training and cannot give legal advice.

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We also offer a sample sublease for students that are interested in subletting their space in their home.

Advocacy Program

Our advocacy program seeks to bridge the gap between District services through the Office of the Tenant Advocate and the realities of off-campus life. We provide a completely confidential environment; our advocates are ready and willing to answer a variety of questions, on your schedule. Questions could deal with access to resources in the District, landlord compliance with DC housing codes, advice on dealing with troublesome landlords, and where to find more information regarding legal action. All of our advocates have undertaken a training on District housing regulations. We are also qualified to file tenant petitions on your behalf with city authorities to help resolve an issue.

Relevant Issues Include:

  • Illegal Rent Increases
  • Eviction Notices/Notices to Vacate
  • Unsanitary Conditions
  • Infestations
  • Broken Facilities (locks, doors, appliances, etc.)
  • Issues with Security Deposits
  • Fire/Mold/Heating/Air Conditioning Problems
  • Landlord Harassment

We will take no action on your behalf, which includes contacting District organizations or departments, without your express consent.

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Education and Outreach

In order to educate students about their rights as tenants, we have partnered with the Office of the Tenant Advocate (OTA). OTA will facilitate workshops on a variety of topics which includes advice for first time renters. The office is also creating a series of webinars to better educate students.

Other Resources Include:

Monthly Q&A with a Representative of the Office of the Tenant Advocate
A Yearly Summit Held in September
Tenant’s Bill of Rights