About Us


The Georgetown Student Tenant Association was founded in 2013 with a mission to ensure that student tenant rights were prioritized in the DC community. Finding off campus housing as a student can be stressful, and for many it is their first time leasing. Many landlords see this as an opportunity to take advantage of students through unfair leases, and failing to maintain their properties in accordance with DC laws, safety regulations, and licensing (Click to check the current status of a landlord or building ). The expectation is that students will not know their rights or have the means to fight unfair and often illegal treatment.

We educate and advocate, connecting students with necessary resources and organizations to ensure that their rights are protected. We are composed entirely of undergraduate students at Georgetown University, and are committed to the safety and well-being of our peers living off campus. We can help anyone currently affiliated with the university, graduate students included. 

 We are students as well, encountering the same issues and battling the same abuses, so we represent a personable voice for our peers, and can establish a level of trust we hope will make our organization a success.  For our future, we hope to represent a model for more than Georgetown; we want to export our project to schools throughout DC and create a DC Tenant Association network that can tackle landlord-tenant issues on a larger scale through combined advocacy efforts.


Director:          Gracie Patrick



Assistant Director: Adriana Guzman


Assistant Director: Jack McCutchan



Networking Manager: Vanessa Ramirez



Web Manager: Victoria Gatopoulos




Legal Researcher: Sophie Venter


Legal Researcher: Michael Skora